Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Android IOS

Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Android IOS

Today, available from us to you Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Android IOS created by that runs on devices with Android and IOS. The program adds gems and cherry without limit.Line Pokopang Hack Trainer is very simple to use, just follow the instructions written below. Line Pokopang Hack Tool was created by a professional group so you’re sure you will run its functions thanks to the automatic update program. Do not spend your real money on the game. Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Tool, you’ll save a lot of your cash. After using our hack, you will become the best player in history.

About Line Pokopang Game:

One day and bright , LINE garden suddenly attacked by monsters of unknown origin . You have to drive them in a way to score as much as possible through a puzzle game that is fairly simple but challenging . You need to match the same color gems and adjacent at least 3 pieces for 1 minute .

To match the color , you need to do is do a tap then drag the gems you want. Gems have you matched the color will explode and deal damage to monsters that are attacking the garden and the damage that goes into the monster that is the score you . The more gems you break the tap and drag one time , the greater the score you get , and you can also get the chance to get special gems .

There are 2 types of special gems are gems that can destroy a straight line horizontal and vertical viewing gems without color and gems that can destroy specific color overall . As with any kind of puzzle game , Frenzy systems are also present in this game , is the same condition that you need to destroy gems in combo in a certain amount .

As long as you play the puzzles , you can be accompanied by a pet ( pet ) that cute . Pet is always appears at the beginning of the game and mingle with existing gems . If you made your pet to position the base area of ​​the game then the pet will give great damage to monsters . Pet that you can have total tens but there are only 3 slots just that you can choose in one game for help in defeating the monsters .

How to get a pet is to buy in the shop menu but with a note you can not choose a pet because the pet would you buy will always be at random . You can also add your basic damage to monsters with how the upgrades in the shop menu and of course there is some money in the game that you have to pay .

You need to remember that this game is not a game that you can tamatkan and you get the ending . I guarantee sejago – masters you play you will not be able to finish this game because this game consists of only one stage with game modes that are repeated and the purpose of this game is simply record the highest score .

The score you earn will be displayed on your leaderboard scores with your friends LINE . The uniqueness of this game leaderboard system compared to other games is that you can plug in the status of your score status whether happy, sad , insulted , showrooms , etc. . so they can make friends LINE you feel challenged to solve rekormu and can add an air of intimacy through this game .

What makes you have to be patient is the energy system that is implemented in this game . The maximum energy that can be obtained is 5 pieces with a recharge time of 12 minutes . But lucky because through LINE , you can send energy from your friends once every 1 hour .

Do not wait. Get it as soon as possible Line Pokopang Hack Tool, and do not use micropayments.


Bez tytułu11 Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Android IOS


SAM 0799 Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Android IOS


Line Pokopang  Hack Android IOS  Featured:

  • Adder Cherry
  • Adder Gems

Line Pokopang  Cheat Android IOS  Device:

  • IPhone, IPad, IPod and other smartphones
  • IPod Touch (4 generation)
  • IPad IOS 4.3 or later
  • Android 2.3, 4.0 or later
  • 100% Safe Proxy connect
  •  Safe Guard anti- ban system


1. Download Hack
2. Launch it
3. Connect your device via USB
4. Select your device
5. Check Hack option
6. Click Start Button and wait
7. Now your game is hack and you can play.
8. If you have a problem with download, write mail to us or go to ,,How to Download,, Topic



button7 Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Android IOS


button7 Line Pokopang Hack Cheat Android IOS


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